curve molding

So I have received the suggestion to try building the curve molding out of plywood wood layers. each layer would have a an out side radius of 3′-0″ and a inside radius of 2′-6″. To start off we cut out one piece and then used that piece to route out 13 to 15 at a length of around 2′-6″(we wasn’t really focused on length as the test is to see if we can get the profile of the moding) these pieces would then get cut to a smaller width, as shown in the pictures below, and then we will layer them to get the molding profile. I used the drawing that McCullough gave to us as a way to measure and break down the molding into 1/2, 3/4, and 1/4 inch thickness, for materials we used plywood, lauan, and MDF.20160315_174350 20160315_174343 20160315_174336 20160315_174326

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