Problem 3 – Flats


You are the technical direction team in charge of the scenery crew at City Tech. The flats shown on the attached drawing (Plates GP, E1, E2, and E3), is to be built for show to take place in the spring of 2016. The show will perform starting on Thursday, April 7th and is the first show of the spring semester.

The scenery will be built, installed and painted by normal Tech Production crew people. The show is a big comedy, and the door will be slammed all the time. The walls should not shake when the door slams.

The Details

As a team, you must make a plan for the construction and installation of the scenery for the show. Prepare any documents you think you would need for the implementation of this plan. If you build any samples for this project, please save them to present on the April 5th.

When you are planning the documentation, think of who you will be showing it to. You will need to show it to the faculty for approval and to purchase materials, and you will also need to show it to the crew that is actually going to be doing the work.

Checklist for your reference:

Bring the following things to be shared with the class on Thursday, March 3rd

  • Your team’s definition of the problem
  • Sketch of your approach to solving the problem
  • A list of any questions your team has

Bring the following things to be turned in on Tuesday, April 5st

  • All initial sketches and notes
  • Complete paperwork package (drawings, budgets, calendar… whatever you think you need to communicate your ideas)
  • Any samples or physical tests your team conducted
  • A list of what you learned

Grading Criteria

We will use the standard grading rubric for this problem. Your ultimate goal is to achieve a show as close to the designer’s intention as possible. Preparing good construction documents and choosing correct materials will be very important to meeting this goal.

Designer Files

Problem 3

Designer Docs – Door Pic

Designer Docs – Doorknob Pic

3 Responses to Problem 3 – Flats

  1. Andrew Ng says:

    Making oversized Cove Moulding on the Table Saw (starting at 1:15)

    Saw parabolas how do those work?

  2. Andrew Ng says:

    I found a page with non-structural flex plywood that could be relevant for curved facing curved walls or filling in certain pieces of curved crown molding. There is an option to request a sample at the bottom of the page.

    Radius™ Bending Plywood

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