Problem #2 Deck (Reflection)

Sharon Miller

Technical Direction


Problem #2 (Deck)


How do you know the things you believe you do?


Using our prior class projects as examples, I first define what the actual problem is to determine my direction. Afterwards, I use research and prior experience to determine my knowledge on a particular subject or project. I also read books, research online, compare materials and their usage. If needed, I sketch out my ideas and create a prototype to see if my ideas are plausible. I then analyze what I have done and try to figure out how to improve upon it.



Project Analysis (Problem#2)


For our last project, we had to create a deck for two shows, a concert and a talent show. Both events scheduled to take place in the Voorhees theatre. After reading through the documentation, my first thought was the main priority would be scheduling time. My initial focus was creating a schedule that would allow the crew to build, strike an install the deck on time. I later realized the focus although still time based, needed to really be on the deck itself as the build of the deck would dictate how the schedule created.   I felt having a raked open frame would work best over triscuits as the triscuits would need too much time to figure out placement. The open frame would be sturdier and faster to install. Upon later thought I realize I should have focused more on how many crewmembers were available and the amount of time it would take to build each frame. I thought more on the end result and not the amount of physical manpower needed to get there. Had I done that, I would have more thoroughly broken down the amount of frames needed, the specific work hours, the actual amount of staff required and how these individuals would work in a shared shop.  I feel the lessons learned during the project will help me in real world scenarios, because it will help me calculate accurate schedules, whether in school, theatre or at work. I have learned that time management of a project is more important than everything and dictates the success of the project completion.


My Original Project Schedule Notes:

  • Haunted Hotel strike must be completed by end of call on Thursday
  • Concert takes place 8 days later on Friday at 8pm
  • Talent show is Saturday
  • Talent show rehearsals begin Saturday at 4pm
  • Talent show begins at 8pm
  • Tech Production Hours: Monday & Wednesday 2pm-5pm
  • Friday Concert Ends 10pm
  • 12 Crew Members
  • Extra Crew Hours Available
  • Band wants logo on floor
  • Floor must be glossy black for talent show
  • Platform stairs must be matte black




  1. Thursday: 2pm – 5pm, Haunted Hotel Strike
  2. Monday: 2pm-5pm, building of platform frame and stairs
  3. Wednesday: 2pm-5pm, completion of platform frame and stairs, stage floor pieces and stairs painted (glossy paint for stage & matte for stairs)
  4. Thursday #2: EXTRA CALL DAY (all 12 crew members): 2pm-5pm, Stage Platform & stair Installation, temporary vinyl logo application of band logo
  5. Friday: stage already installed, Live Concert begins at 8pm until 10pm
  6. Saturday: 9 AM call (6 crew members), removal of the vinyl logo, paint retouching and stage repair if necessary
  7. Saturday: 4pm rehearsal
  8. Saturday 8pm Talent Show
  9. Monday #2: Crew Call 2-5pm Strike of Stage, stairs and scenery






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