Problem 1 – Sandwich Shop

Sandwich Shop

You are a project management team at a commercial sandwich shop, Hudson Sandwich Studios, and you have a contract to prepare a small order. The designer of PBJ-2K has requested a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, as shown on the attached renderings and research images. The sandwich will be eaten by a performer, so all ingredients must be edible. The sandwich must be incredibly fresh, so you need to prepare all the necessary materials and construction documents for the local crew at the venue. The bid manager agreed to provide the materials and construction documents for $20. You get to keep any profits. The show crew will pick everything up from your shop at 4pm the day of the show and transport them to the V225 Performing Arts Center.

The Details

As a team, you must prepare a set of construction documents and materials so that the local crew of PBJ-2K can assemble the sandwich before the show. You will not be able to talk to the local crew, so your construction documents must be clear and complete. The inside dimensions of the truck they are bringing are 9”x9”x9”. Your materials and documents must fit completely inside the truck.

Checklist for your reference:

Bring the following things to be turned in on Thursday, February 11th

  • Complete construction documents for your sandwich
  • The original designer renderings for your sandwich
  • All necessary sandwich materials
  • Receipts and change from all purchases – you need to show your bid manager how much profit you made

Grading Criteria

We will use the standard grading rubric for this problem. Your ultimate goal is to achieve a sandwich as close to the designer’s intention as possible. Preparing good construction documents and choosing correct materials will be very important to meeting this goal.

Designer Documents

P1-Designer Rendering

P1-Designer Research

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