Journal Entry One. The Beginning Of Culmination.

My Culmination Project here at City Tech is a joint project with me and another student, Hubert Alcide.

For our Culmination Project we wanted to do a concert for the Spring semester of 2017, we have been thinking about this project from Spring Semester of 2016. This would involve us providing sound for a live band that we knew, I would be the Front of House engineer and Hubert would be the stage mix engineer. Unfortunately our plans for that didn’t go through only because it didn’t fit into the ENT Production calendar time frame, so because of that we had to come up with a new project.

Looking for a new project our advisor, Huntington, had suggested putting mic preamps to the test to hear if there is really a difference in the quality it has on sound between different digital consoles. Before we could do that we need approval from IRB, which is a board that determines if the research that students do are safe to be conducted if they involve any other participant(s) other than those conducting the research.

I hit a few road blocks because the process to filling out the application for the approval was a bit complicated and not well spelled out in terms of directions to follow. After some time have passed we finally got through the approval process for our research, but at this time it was too late to put the rest of our plans in motion, so now we must find another project for culmination.

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