Journal Entry 3. Roadblocks

Journal Entry #3


There has been a bit of a scheduling issue so far, and what I mean by that is this; I am not able to find a good date to set aside time to meet up with my advisor for us to do the speaker prediction part of this project. Because of this problem, rescheduling has occur quite a few times, and it has led to the pushback of a few things that is determinant on this particular part of the project moving forward.

One of the issue regarding this problem is the website that give us the free software to use that we need for the project. The software is free according to the site, but once you apply for it, they said that they will reach out to you regarding everything about getting, installing, and using the software. It has been about two weeks and I have still yet to hear from them. After all that time I was told that the software is actually on the computers at school. That took a while to find them because I was misdirected at first, but nevertheless I found a computer lab with the software and now I’m able to complete this part of the project.

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