Journal Entry 4. Focus Change

Journal Entry #4


Having now gathered all the information I need for the MAPP part of the project (Meyer Mapp, a speaker prediction software) I then emailed my finding over to our Advisor for him to look over so that we can move on to the next part of this culmination project. Once the information was looked over we got back an email saying that the data is inconclusive, and therefore could not be used to do a comparison with the second software that we had planned to use in our project. I later found out that in order to properly use the MAPP software, we had to figure out what was the specs of the room where the speaker would be use. We needed the height, length, and width of the room in order to get the correct information when using the MAPP prediction software.

By the time we got the details we were looking for concerning the space it was determine that finding the time to do the research comparing the findings of the two different software, we wouldn’t be able to complete the study. So now at this point we have to focus on the logistics aspect of the show, and for the most part things seem to be okay so far on this end.

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