Journal Entry 5. Adding Some Context

Journal Entry #5


At the point at which we find ourselves is this, project idea #1 has been scratched, so we move on to idea #2. Things have fallen through the cracks for idea #2, a few deadlines have been missed due to scheduling conflicts, and a couple of personal life happenings, for the most part we are holding on strong. But before we go any further let me tell you about project idea #1, and why it no longer here with us today.

So project number one was a brilliant idea, fascinating and intriguing, and slightly risky all in one. See this project was originally about the comparison of mic pre-amps inside of digital mixing consoles, to do a double blind listening study with a group of people (including Hubert and myself) to determine if we could tell if there was a difference in the quality thereof. In order to actually do this study, we needed permission from IRB. This entity, IRB, determines whether a study done by students are within the boundaries of safety for all participants involved.

The issue with getting the approval we needed goes as such; there was a survey that we had to take in order to proceed ahead. We got certified according the test we had to take, but the instructions on how to proceed throughout its entirety was not well spelled out, it was ok to a certain point then became vague. We thought that we completed what we needed to do the first time around but that wasn’t the case. Along with emails taking a long time to be answered, and at one point the schools internet went down it added to the derailment of project number one.

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