Journal Entry 6. Moving Forward

Journal Entry #6


Moving forward at this point, I am now focused on the Fashion Show and its logistics sound wise. Having been brought into the production meetings for this event gave me a better overview of the things that I should keep in mind. I have to take into account who are the performers, what kind of performances will they be doing, where each performer needs to be placed on stage, what looks aesthetically pleasing to some degree, the needs of the performers sound wise, and anything that the working crew behind the scenes like myself might need.

Next step is to put together a system diagram so that the sound crew knows what they would be building as far as the FOH (front of House) and Stage mixing system goes. A video system diagram also has been made along with a complete Overflow System diagram. A list of equipment has been made so they know what will be used for the day of the show, and input list so the crew doesn’t have to guess what channel is for which instrument and singers.

Then Hubert and I decided who would be assigned to a particular task concerning the show (FOH, Stage, and Communication, Camera Setup, Logo projection). On the last crew call before the event each member went to their assigned post and completed the task at hand with very little supervision, I would say about 90-95% of what we needed to do got done during that call. On the day of the last two things will be installed and running before the show starts.



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