Response to Chapter 2 Question

Teaching without learning is like talking to an inanimate brick with no possibility of a response.

The aim of college education to produce practitioners who can learn the material, understand it, demonstrate it,  and then go out into the industrial world and practice what they were taught and learnt.

Teaching to a class without the student learning and understanding what was being taught is a waste of time on both sides. The professor transmit no message and the students receive no message  for 2.5 hours.

I ensure the students are understanding what I am teaching by asking clarification questions frequently. I give quizzes, and encourage discussions monitoring what is being said for understanding in statements being made made and the arguments raised.

For the student, there is a need for them to study the material, practice problems, do individual home work and not copy their friend’s work – no learning there. The professor must encourage them to ask questions. They have hear, listen and have some understanding in order to ask a question on the subject, hence here is how we could hold their attention.

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