Chapter 2 Post – Time Management

In Chapter 2 McGuire shares her views on why we should focus on learning instead of teaching. 1. What is one teaching strategy you use?

I use the practice of “board notes”.  I set up the white board in portrait orientation by dividing up the board like pages of a notebook.  This is to show an example of note taking.  It also helps with my time management.  I can get through only 4-5 “boards” per hour.

2. What is one learning strategy your students could use to be successful in your course?

When the students are working on a homework assignment, I try to give an estimate of time that certain tasks should take and to plan their time accordingly.  I can point to the white board and remind them of how much time a similar task took us to complete.  This is the hope that they won’t cram and do the assignment the night before and run out of time.


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