My ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the community on how their oral health can affect their overall health. I want to do my part because I know a little goes a long way. Old habits die hard. I know for the older generation all we can do is inform them. I would provide statistics from scientific research and use the patient’s personal condition as a motivating factor. For instance, if my patient is at risk or has experienced a cerebrovascular accident, I could mention how periodontal disease is a risk factor. However, looking at the bigger picture I plan on achieving my goal by becoming a pediatric dental hygienist. Children are the future. If we can build a good foundation when they’re young, their good habits will be carried out in their lifetime and throughout their children’s lifetime and so forth.

Dental anxiety is the fifth most common cause of anxiety. Often, they were conditioned to dislike the dental office due to a previous bad experience. I can make a difference through modeling and implementing tell-show-do.  My ambition was solidified when I had the opportunity to bring pediatric patients to a clinic. They brought me absolute joy and validate why I love being a dental hygienist. I was able to see a tremendous difference from nervously sitting in the dental chair to leaving with cool glasses and a big bright, white smile. A single smile can make all the difference. 🙂

My new friend holding the mirror as I clean her teeth.

When the patient trusted me to clean her teeth without her watching me.