This is a case study write-up of one of the first patients I have completed during my second semester. The takeaway message from this experience is that every patient is unique. As dental hygiene professionals, we need to be flexible and adapt to the patient’s needs. This is a vital skill for success!

“I remember getting frustrated when I was hand scaling the areas with the lingual bar. I felt that the bar limited my strokes and I was getting confused on the areas with supragingival calculus. I had to call the professor many times to show me how she would scale the patient and then show her if I was scaling it properly. One of the most significant piece of information that I learned was how the lingual bar was attached to the teeth by composite fillings. Afterwards, I had an epiphany since I was confusing the fillings with supragingival calculus. I am so pleased to have such a wonderful learning experience and great momentum with this professor. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!” (This excerpt can be found on pages 6.)

Please, view the attached PDF file for more information.

Case Study T.L.