This is a case study write-up of one of the patients I have completed during my third semester. The takeaway message from this experience is the importance of establishing good rapport. Dental neglect occurs more often than we think. It is completely avoidable if someone would point them in the right direction. That’s where we come in to help!

“The hallmark of this patient experience is the importance of establishing rapport…. My patient was giving up on his oral care. He knows he needed a lot of work to be done but did not know where to start. Empathy allowed me to maintain professionalism and employ the knowledge we have been learning the past three semesters. I was able to establish plans, create goals and in the end give my patient a sense of direction. I feel proud knowing he was leaving with the best care and with hopeful towards his oral health.” (This excerpt can be found on slide 23.)

Please, view the attached PDF file for more information.

Case Study – Gross Caries