SADHA is the student chapter of the American Dental Hygiene Association (ADHA), an organization supporting dental hygienists by creating new career paths, expanding opportunities for care, and providing current information and training. It is also the largest national community of dental hygienists. In SADHA,  I was one of the class representatives. I was able to create a platform to unite the Class of 2020 and create a safe space where everyone can voice their concerns and help one another. This created a strong bond in our class as we lean on each other for support in the past two years. Additionally, we created a Big Brother-Sister program in the hopes to guide the freshmen. Furthermore, we held parties to create a strong sense of community among our peers. Biannually, we host a very well known toothbrush sale. In the last toothbrush sale, we were able to fundraise approximately $900 in 2.5 hours! With this money, we were able to help cover the partial cost of a new panoramic machine. Although the dental hygiene program is rigorous and demanding, I do not regret putting some time aside for this club. SADHA is more than just a club; it is a family.

Graduation Party for the seniors before us.

Pinning ceremony for the seniors before us.

Toothbrush Sale Fall 2019