Progress Report 3

By March I had started filming, On March 16 I had a rehearsal, here we set up, went over lines with the cast and crew, and discussed what I wanted to accomplish. We also filmed some parts of the film, which if I’m being honest was kind of hard cause I didn’t realize how much going into just one scene. The rest of march I dedicated to filming, and we wrapped up filming late March early April. Then April was dedicated to editing.

Project Description:

I would be to produce a short film of about 10 min minutes, that tells the story of two friends who make a documentary based on strange disappearances going on in their neighborhood.People who live in neighborhoods for years with roots in it just seem to disappear .As the documentary and investigation unfolds they realize these are not what the seem. The film Mock-documentary film will incorporate elements of  comedy and  satire on gentrification. The purpose of the film not only is to entertain but to inform more people on the issue of gentrification. Though this film may not necessarily solve the issue of gentrification but help educate people in an entertaining way. 

Project Deliverable / Role: I plan on serving as the film’s writer, director, and producer. I also recruited a small team of actors and crew to help with the production. Over the semester I plan on utilizing all the skills that I have learned over the past 3- 4 years and at the end showcase them at the end of Semester. In Addition to that I also plan to provide the Ent department and fellow students with some entertainment and teach them what I learn throughout the process.

January -February will be time dedicated from script writing and editing. By March I plan to film and the whole months will be dedicated to filming, this will take 6-7 days. The whole month of April will be dedicated to editing and more meeting with the crew and technical advisor.


Progress Report 2

Since my last progress report, I think I made pretty good progress, Like I mentioned before this semester I will produce a short film and act as the film’s director’s, producer and writer. A couple of weeks ago a lot of things uncertain, I had people who agree to help with the film and to be it, but now everything is confirmed. I have a revised script, shot list and storyboard, camera and other materials to film. Today after class the plan is have rehearsals of some sort with the crew. I plan on talking through the, and finding out the best we can film efficiently. Friday night will also be filming day, and I will continue film as much as possible. The next step is figuring out how post my work open lab.

Progress Report 1

This semester I plan on unitizing all the skills that learn over the years and produce a short film. I will serve as the film’s writer, director, and producer.

The film ideally will be about 10 minutes, and plan on filming in a control environment so I don’t have to worry things like weather or lighting from outside about. Right now, I am interesting place, I have a script completed but still in the editing phase. I think I have clear vision of what the film will but trying to figure out logistic. I am adding in and taking out things that don’t fit the story and that don’t make sense. I also been looking for that scripts online to use as guide. I also have an idea of what materials I will need in order to make this film successful and currently in the process of trying to purchase them. Most importantly in the final stage of finishing my proposal in order to have my first official meeting with my advisor and to get the ball rolling on project. I already have reached out to people to be actors in my film and to be a part of the crew.