Video Project

What I personally learned from this assignment was that the making and video editing has its challenges, however given time and your investment, as many other things you’ll become great at it. I enjoyed the making of this short clip, as I shy away from the camera, this has inspired me to make even more videos of similar nature and maybe even take it further than that. The video is a composition of my artistic development and how it has improved with each slide. There is only room for improvement moving forward. The main lesson is don’t give and just keep trying, there is a solution to every problem.

This inspiration came from several memes, that responds to the main meme. Most of the time all anybody wants to do is sleep, and there are other that do work to the bone. My audience is for the hard workers, that feel this way.This was done with photoshop.
This meme is more of a protest of being tired. Tired of what? Of you. Most people tend to have busy day schedules and sometime it becomes to much to juggle and this is how I depict anyone stating that they are in face tired. The program used here was indesign.
This meme was inspired by my will to stay asleep. Most of the time my work day begins at 5AM, and sometimes I just want to sleep in. I gathered as close to accurate responses of how I see work unfolding when I don’t arrive on time. This was done with the platform of Illustrator.

Visual Quote Project

In this assignment we chose a random quote. The quote I have chosen is “good things take time.” I know every person has endured some type of pain/hardship leaving you feeling unmotivated. This quote is a reminder to keep pushing forward, that better things are coming. Life is what you make of it and your reaction to it also contributes to your outcomes. I had a few design ideas to approach this quote. 

How do we interpret this quote into a visual quote? The first concept I had was translating the word good into a rose and to represent time I chose a clock. My thoughts on this was how comforting and visually appealing is a rose? With many smooth curves and self contrast, I chose this being a symbol of good. In what better way to represent time I asked myself and I chose the clock to represent time. 
However time can be interpreted in may other ways, as per my second concept is an hourglass next to a clock and the text “good things take time.” The layout of this concept was not to my liking but it was inspiring my thought process on how the layout should be. Having seen this concept I moved forward to a half made clock and the text smacked in the middle of the clock.

For my final depiction of the quote I decided to mix both type and illustration together. The thought process was grabbed for all other concepts, one leading to the other and how everything can work together within the same frame.