Problem 4 – F2M


Problem 4 was the bringing together of all the elements we had worked on thus far with the added challenge of money. For this project we would have to have our budget approved and labor was going to be a budget line.  

My teammates were: Jose and Irene.


Definition of Problem:

To build, load-in and tech the scenery for the New York Stage and Film’s Powerhouse Summer Production of F2M by Patricia Wetting

We want to present a set that is realistic and finished to look like a real apartment. With sturdy walls (no shaking). Functional plumbing in the kitchen. Practical doors and windows. The operator of the 2 moving scenic elements will not be seen and the elements will be able to be moved on and off.

The set will be built in the shop on campus multiple buildings away from the venue and will be need to be transported.


  1. Divide the set into units

    1. Set designer (use       designer’s labels)
  2. Figure out HOW

    1. Sketching to show       how you are approaching the build
    2. Test of materials or       research
  3. Cost Per Unit

    1. Materials

    2. Labor


What real-world scenarios are most like the problem? Are there things about the problem that would be different in a real-world application? Was the problem missing elements that would be present in a real-world application?



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