IAbugI have been a member of IATSE Local One since 2009 and been pursuing a life in theatre since I was in the 7th grade.  I participated in 40 middle and high school productions while attending the Berkeley Carroll School in Park Slope Brooklyn. There I performed every backstage position available; starting out as a costume builder and wardrobe run crew; and by the end of my 6 years was building and loading in sets, and hanging and focusing lights for all productions as well as stage managing 2 dance concerts a year.

I attended New York City College of Technology (CUNY) to pursue a degree in Entertainment Technology to further my passion of the technical elements in the arts with a formal education. While attending CityTech, I was introduced to the opportunities of the local theatrical workers union, IATSE Local One, through a professor that is a union member and sat for the apprenticeship test the union offers while in my sophomore year. After being awarded an apprenticeship based on my test scores I continued with classes and deferred my apprenticeship for when my senior year was over.

I started my IATSE Local One Apprenticeship at the American Airlines Theatre on 42nd street for RoundAbout Theatre Company in August of 2009 for the start of their season and have been a union member since. I have worked in non-profit theatre, industrials, fashion week, summer festivals, television, and art installations as a Local One member.

While attempting to file for graduation from CityTech I discovered I was 3 credits shy of my degree and after 5 years in the field as a union stage hand freelancing full time,  I returned to Citytech spring of 2014 to complete my degree.

Me with classmates in Berkeley Carroll School booth circa 1998
Me with classmates in Berkeley Carroll School booth circa 1998