F2M Script Analysis and Play Discussion

What follows are my class notes from out discussion of F2M



What were good points?

Clarence (father) asking about hormones

Lucy knowing who Parker really is ( famous and a man)



Where were you bored?


Was the author out of things to say?, intentional it has been repeating for Parker’s whole life

Lost steam in the argument by the end of the play


Parker → inner conflict and outer conflict

Play could have ended one scene earlier

End with Parker saying “this is who I am”

Not needing to know the Lucy and Parker are ok


Conflict doesn’t need to be resolved for the play to be effective


How does the class read plays

Shannon: making sure you read the play seeing the  actions where they interact with objects

More a design concern?

SIL: emotion for slamming doors, and reactions in the space

Laura: they use the kitchen

“do you want some toast”

Does it have to be real?

Sarah: transitions from location to location, quickly!

Script doesn’t tell you how to treat the transitions, written like authors background TV





Budgeting discussions

How do you use the script to decide what to keep/cut

Look at how and how frequently it is used


Theoretical props budget

Lot of money for photo printing → overbudget

Is cutting half the photos →is that a good cut??

No bc the drive of a character is told through the photos, people in photos are told in script

Kitchen → expensive

Cabinets → only one opened

Fridge →  can be dummy, will need light, can make dummy freezer cold with ice for ice cream

Ice cream→ containers out, does it get served?

Sink → glass of water

Toaster→ toast made

stove→  hot plate in dummy stove


List of things to look for  when reading a script as a TD

  • You have to read it once

  • Have drawings with you to      refer

  • How many locations / how many      visits to each location

  • Definate physical actions      (slamming doors)

  • TransitionsPracticality of pieces / what is real?

    • How long, where are they going?

    • What has to move in the transitions?

  • Sight-lines

  • How does moving parts get operated

  • Will need working fridge and freezer for props

  • Backstage

    • Egress

    • Space for everything

    • Where do things go when it isn’t onstage

  • Interaction with other departments

    • Every department will be on  set

      • Video → is there  equipment that needs to be set mounted or rigged, cable management

      • Sound → is there  equipment that needs to be set mounted, holes in things, cable        management (where speakers are needed but scenically pleasing)

      • Costumes → can costumes fit through egresses, quick changes (on stage/ backstage)

      • Stage Management → if there aren’t sight-lines to the stage, where are they calling from

      • Props → tracking for storage, does anything need to be set mounted or floor mounted, is it a prop or a set piece?

      • Fight Director→ how they interact with set does there need to be safety modifications

      • Electrics→ is there equipment that needs to be set mounted, practicals, holes, who is        taking care of the sink (is it electrics or set), outlets or switches, genie and ladder access and storage

      • Show Control→ what is driving all set mounted electrics

      • Scenic Arts → access, what materials are paint treatment what is real, maintenance

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