Journal # 5 & 6 & District 9 response.

District 9 Response

District 9 was a heartwarming movie, about a human sacrificing his own life to save a whole alien race. There are similarity related to caves of steel. The action of acceptance is showed quite clearly.  At the end of the novel in caves of steel, barely accepted Danieel as a friend. The action he provide was that he asked Danieel to stay and work with his son in the future. In district 9, the main character was a stubborn man who wanted to have his normal life back, being in the process of becoming an alien, he didn’t care about anything else. However, at the end he realized that the aliens have family too and would want to go back to their normal life and their home. He sacrificed his chance in changing back and remained an alien throughout the rest of his life.


Journal 6

“Your Earth is still your Earth, but between the efforts of your people to destroy it and ours to restore it, it has changed.”

“And you think destroying what was left of our cultures will make us better?”

“No. Only different.”


This part of the novel explains to Lilith that the world she will be living in will not be the same. I picked this quote because I feel that Lilith has to make a complicated decision; in fighting against the aliens or accepting their help. The world has changed because of destruction done by the humans, for them to start a new life there all on their own is very difficult. However, the people feel that the aliens are helping them for their own benefits. I believe this is a very tough choice for Lilith and her choice will change the path in the future.


Journal 5

Octavia Butler’s Dawn, is a very interesting novel about decision making. Lilith an earth woman was saved by the aliens along will many other humans. She was chosen to awaken first and lead her people to a new of earth. Her choice in accepting the aliens help was questionable however, she eventually believe in their kindness. Another choice she had to make was who will be her follower; to be awaken first. Throughout, the whole novel Lilith has to face obstacles in trusting, believing and forming the future path of earth. I am hoping to know the turn outs and the ending of this interesting novel soon.

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