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Journal # 7

It’s funny how fast the “hunter” can become the “hunted”.  In the film, District 9, the main character of Winkus is a prime example of this type of character transformation.  The film starts out as Winkus receives a new job promotion.  Winkus now appears to be the man in charge.   As Winkus and his team storm District 9, looking for aliens; his character is depicted as overly enthusiastic, senseless, and above all a firm hated for the alien creatures.  The alien creatures are stuck on Earth and are living in their own filth.  In this story, the aliens are depicted as poor, pathetic creatures that are stuck in a bad situation that they can’t change.  The first half of the film is very important because it sets the tone of power “surrounding” Winkus.  This is before Winkus knows the true motives of his government and what they are really doing to the Prawns.  The second half of the film inverses the first half as the table has now turned for Winkus in the light of the revelation of his new hand.  He has now become the “hunted”.  People treat him much differently now.  He is no longer the man in charge.  Winkus is a castaway and is on the run.  To everyone chasing Winkus, he is the ultimate weapon.  With his newfound abilities, he is a man that has the ability to control the alien weaponry; a man that the government hopes to control.  The government uses and most of all abuses Winkus to the point where they don’t even look at him as human anymore.  Even Winkus’ father-in-law, someone who is close to, turns his back on him and allows the scientists to experiment on Winkus against his will.