Reading Journal #2

As I read caves of steel, I came across “Each city became a semiautomous unit, economically all but self-sufficient. It could roof itself in, grid itself about, burrow itself under, it became a steel cave, a tremendous, self-contained cave of steel and concrete,” Page 15. This section caught my attention since it explains the reason for the title. Besides the title reference, the title “caves of steel,” refers to the city full of people unable to be free; trapped within the busy city, divisions of classes and etc.  This page stood out because it explains reasons behind the misery of the people in the city, as well as the given the title. The theme of the story is imprisonment; confined within the city of loss for the future, confined in a society of fear against the spacers and confined in a city of unwanted change. The fact that the city people don’t want changes makes them less likely to accept the spacers or gain any help from them. The lack of knowledge of outer world situation makes them afraid of moving forward. These people live their life working, fighting to keep their place within the city, lacks the interest to explore. They are concealed yet, they don’t want help; don’t want advanced technology, greater life force and a better world to live on from the spacers. The people are the ones concealing themselves in a cage of steel and concrete.

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About Jenny Wang

My name is Jenny Wang, i live in queens yet, i go to NYC college of technology. I have a loving mother, father and 3 other siblings. I am in graphic design communication because I want to explore the different wonders of design. Graphic design communication is a new level of creativity for me, a department where I get to create my own symbol representing myself. It is also a place where I can learn the history of printing, commercial designs and advertising designs. In this class I will be able to learn new software which I have never used before and will be using them in the future. I will acknowledge the factors in which can will make a commercial more appealing to audience and other factors that do not. Thus, I am very excited about the next topic that will be taught. Before, graphic design communication I have had a few classes which were really interesting. They were defined as Vector Rector and Public Media. Through, Vector Rector I learned the usage of illustrator and Photoshop. In Public Media I learned about the custom of InDesign. These two classes were very exciting courses, which I wished to have learned more about. The reason behind it is because I have not used any of this software before. Therefore, after using all these new programs my experiencing has gained and my desire to learn more about every software has grown. I am really looking forward to this course and hope to gain a lot out of it.

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