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Site Updates and New Postings

Course updates, as noted via email:

1. Readings are now posted on the readings page. For next week, please prioritize reading They Say/I Say. Then choose 1 of the 2 critical readings (your choice). The biographical readings are optional. Look for the [DOWNLOAD PDF] links to find and download the readings.

2. I have written up a more formal version of the paper assignment. You can find it, along with a sample paper, on our assignments page.

3. Our course calendar has been updated.

Your paper is due at the beginning of class on 3/20. Please come to class next week with an idea of the repeated element you want to write about and some examples from our texts that showcase that moment. In class, we will discuss They Say/I Say and the two pieces of literary criticism. We will also do some workshopping of your papers, so please bring in any ideas/drafts you might have. Don’t leave the paper for the last minute!

Feel free to leave comments or to email me if you have questions.