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Journal Entry 7

An awkward event

A truly awkward event in to novel Dawn was when Jdahya performed the Onokali mating ritual on both Lilith and Joseph for the first time.

It was Joseph’s second time of ever seeing the alien creature. Jdahya presented itself to Joseph so he could get use to Jdahya’s grotesque appearance.  At this point Jdahya’s goal was to get Joseph to trust it enough to change and improve his body chemistry. In order to do so, Jdahya had to drug him which made him semi-unconscious.

During Joseph’s semi-unconscious state, for some odd reason Jdahya thought it was okay to perform the trio mating ritual with Lilith and Joseph without Joseph’s consent.   Lilith was okay with it since she had already performed this alone with Jdahya, but imagine the awkwardness Joseph must of felt when Jdahya’s sexual organs penetrated his skin.  First of all this mating ritual involves 3 sexes instead of the usual human 2.  Second, the emotional feelings Joseph was receiving were unnatural to humans. Third, this is Joseph’s second time of ever seeing the alien. He doesn’t even know Jdahya well enough to even consider this ritual as a possibility.  In a way it seemed almost as it were rape from my perspective.

Journal Entry 6

“Your children will know us, Lilith. You never will.” –  Kahguyaht   (Page 111)

When Kahguyaht said “you never will” It is implying that Lilith will never truly understand the Onakali (aliens) both physically nor mentally.  Lilith does not have the sensory organs which the aliens posses.  Their organs let them experience unimaginable sensations which we would never be able to experience nor understand. In a way it’s as trying to envision the 4th dimension.  The 4th dimension is not something you can see, hear or touch.  It is a something we cannot experience because we are bounded to own 3 dimension body and world. Scientist have an idea of what this phenomena is but, no one could truly understand the 4th dimension.

When it stated ” Your children will know us” it is implying that Lilith’s children will be genetically tampered with which will allow them to have sensory organs that are similar to the aliens.  This is foreshadowing what will be of humans in the future. They will be a hybrid creature with traits of both alien and human.  In a sense, the pureness of a human will be lost.  When Kahguyaht stated this, Lilith said nothin.  She has accepted her people’s faith and is no longer going against the aliens.  Then again she never had a choice.  It’s either agree with the aliens or be but back into suspended animation until she agrees.

Throughout the entire novel, humans never had to option to leave to Earth without being experimented on and genetically altered first.  The Onakali believe that tampering with the humans will increase their chance for survival.  The Onakali’s intensions are positive, but in doing so, it ripped the freedom right out of humanity.

-Henry Aguilar

Journal Entry 5

The comparison of how aliens treat humans vs. how humans treat animals

In the novel Dawn, alien Jdahya has been helping Lilith recover from what seems to be a nuclear war on earth. He has brought her among his ship and has been trying its best efforts to encourage her wellbeing.  At first Lilith was trapped in a white boxed room without windows similar to a cage in which we would keep an animal.  Jdahya along with other of his kind observed her intensely without Lilith even knowing that she was captured by aliens. The aliens did not tell her where she was because they knew that Lilith would be overwhelmed.  Lilith was suffering in her caged box for two “awakened” years.  Loneliness cause insanity and depression and the aliens were well of that.  They wanted to wait for the right moment to introduce themselves.  When Jdahya finally introduced himself and told her everything, Lilith became furious at the fact that no one told her anything about why she was in her box.  Jdahya countered her a aggression with the simple term, “It was for your own good.”  Similarly, that is what we do to animals. Being that we are more intelligent than animals, we do things to them that they don’t understand that may harm them now but will help them in the long-run. For example, giving a dog a shot for rabies. The dog is unwilling to take the shot but we forcefully give it to it because it’s for his own good.  Lilith was fed regularly with plain tasting, colorless, yet nutritional food.  Lilith detested it and wish she had something better tasting.  Again this food was given to increase her health.  We do the same to our pets.  I’m sure that our pets hate eating the same repetitive foods over and over again but, we feed it to them because it increases there overall health.  In conclusion, the aliens are treating the humans as animal.  They are observing and experimenting with them.

Journal Entry 2

Analysis of a significant event /passage in Caves of Steel:

“Suppose people started afresh on a new world (how that ran through his mind ever since Dr. Fastolfe had put it there); suppose Bentley, for instance, were to leave Earth; could he get so he didn’t mind working and living alongside robots? Why not? The Spacers themselves did it.” –Elijah

The quote stated above is particularly significant in the novel caves of steel.  Elijah, a character from the novel Caves of Steel, was at one point closed minded about the idea of living along side with robots.  He absolutely hated robots and never even considered the benefits of using robots.  It is also important to note that hatred toward robots was a stereotypical thought within Elijah’s society.  Earlier, Dr. Fastolfe a character which lives alongside robots had told him otherwise.  Dr. Fastolfe carefully explained to Elijah how robots can in fact aid human life.  With one simple, yet intelligent conversation, Dr. Fastolfe had managed to change Elijah’s stubborn aspects of robots. If a similar scene were to occur in the present dealing with a similar scenario, would it also be easy to persuade a person with stereotypical thoughts? I think it’s possible.  It’s actually real easy to do so. The fact the almost everyone in Elijah’s society hated robots,  is similar to how the media in present day society can persuade the masses into thinking and living a certain type of way.  When a person is told something from a more logical aspect, they tend to acknowledge and agree.  Maybe the author of this novel was trying to tell us that we should be more open minded and knowledgeable based off of this scene.

Chris R – Reading Journal #1 & 2

Reading Journal #1

The world of Caves of Steel and our world are pretty much different from one another in almost every way. In the world of Caves of Steel, Men have a more dominate role in the community to make income compared to the women who stay home and take care of the children. The robots pretty much also replace humans in the labor force such as running a shoe store for example. The humans (referred to as “Earthmen”) think that one day the robots will take over and there will be no way in obtaining money since the owners of the shops would want to have someone working with no pay. Second, is the overpopulation that the earth has and not being able to find a way to keep the number down. Another thing that I realized when reading the book was the fact that Elijah had no idea of the changes that go on in the outside world (such as rain or what not). Maybe since they’re always in the chambers that he hasn’t seen the phenomena called rain. When traveling to another area (in the book’s case the area is called Spacetown), it’s a custom that you take a shower in order to remove the city dust from you. Also, you’re not allowed to carry a weapon when in the area. I can understand this, but in Elijah’s case, he’s a cop. A cop should always have a gun in his possession.

Reading Journal #2

The scene that really stood out to me the most while reading this book was the last part of Page 97 (this was of course before reading ahead) but out of everything I read, I just keep going back to this scene non-stop. It was the scene where Elijah and R. Daneel Olivaw was having a meeting with Dr. Fastolfe as well as commissioner Enderby over the trimensional personification about the murder of Dr. Sarton. This was where Elijah stood up from his seat and mentioned that Dr. Sarton wasn’t dead and he points straight at R. Daneel and stated that he was in fact Dr. Sarton, that there was actually no murder case. This was where so many thoughts kept rushing into my head. The one specific thought that came to my mind was the fact that he was using this as an excuse just for his wife. He probably said this so that way the case can be solved and that way he wouldn’t have to worry his wife anymore because of the fact that they won’t be living with a robot in the house anymore. As well as that he can stop his wife from trying to talk him out of his job to find a new one and lose his current position. Another thing is the fact that the Earthmen can stop spreading rumors about the fact that Elijah was cooperating with a robot ever since the scene at the shoe store. The theme and motif this would probably relate to is the Spacer/Human Relations, because everyone is scared about a robot living in the environment, and since Elijah wants to get this case out of way as quickly as possible shows that he doesn’t want to be working with any robot.