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Journal Entry 2

Analysis of a significant event /passage in Caves of Steel:

“Suppose people started afresh on a new world (how that ran through his mind ever since Dr. Fastolfe had put it there); suppose Bentley, for instance, were to leave Earth; could he get so he didn’t mind working and living alongside robots? Why not? The Spacers themselves did it.” –Elijah

The quote stated above is particularly significant in the novel caves of steel.  Elijah, a character from the novel Caves of Steel, was at one point closed minded about the idea of living along side with robots.  He absolutely hated robots and never even considered the benefits of using robots.  It is also important to note that hatred toward robots was a stereotypical thought within Elijah’s society.  Earlier, Dr. Fastolfe a character which lives alongside robots had told him otherwise.  Dr. Fastolfe carefully explained to Elijah how robots can in fact aid human life.  With one simple, yet intelligent conversation, Dr. Fastolfe had managed to change Elijah’s stubborn aspects of robots. If a similar scene were to occur in the present dealing with a similar scenario, would it also be easy to persuade a person with stereotypical thoughts? I think it’s possible.  It’s actually real easy to do so. The fact the almost everyone in Elijah’s society hated robots,  is similar to how the media in present day society can persuade the masses into thinking and living a certain type of way.  When a person is told something from a more logical aspect, they tend to acknowledge and agree.  Maybe the author of this novel was trying to tell us that we should be more open minded and knowledgeable based off of this scene.