Journal 1-6

Journal 1.

It’s interesting how R.Sammy is just a Robert who doesn’t know what to do unless it’s told so. Also there’s a superior race call the “The Spacers”.

Journal 2.

We learn that the detective partners up with R.Daneel who is a Robot that looks like a human. So much that the detective couldn’t tell he’s an android.

Journal 3.

We learn that “The Spacers” are fragile creatures and that our germs can harm the Spacers. Also we learn that the commissioner is the one committed the crime R.Daneel and the detective had to solve, because of this they are now good friends.

Journal 4.

In this novel, the author takes imagination of machines design to an almost unreal outlook. When Rick basically tricks Racheal to come over, and she in turn brought over some very expensive whiskey, obviously to try and deter Rick from killing the remaining androids. They even had sex and when Racheal learned that Rick is still going to kill the remaining androids she kill his goat in retaliation.

Journal 5.

In the novel Dawn by Octavia Butler, when I first started reading the novel it seems to me that the aliens live for a very long time, I also learn us humans practically destroy planet earth, and we now live in an alien spaceship.

Journal 6.

As I continue to read the novel I notice that Lilith, has now accepted her faith and feels like she’s a prisoner of the aliens. Lilith also learn that she has to change her DNA to be able to access different parts of the ship.

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