Class Notes – 4/24/2014

opening paragraph / thesis
In this paper, I will argue that
* it should be not overly general
* it should mention the texts you will examining
* ask the “so what?” question and push the thesis one step further

Purdue Owl

Independent and dependent clauses

I went fishing on a boat. –> independent clause
When I went fishing on a boat –> dependent clause

When I went fishing on a boat, I caught a salmon.


WW — wrong word
awk — awkward
fused sentence / run-on sentence –
referent unclear –

make sure that you use quotations in your papers

Never leave a quotation standing alone in a sentence; always introduce it with a short phrase. Ex.: Not “QUOTE.” but As Dekard says, “QUOTE” (56).

blockquote –

book titles always italicized/underlined
journal/newspaper articles — title in quotation marks

header –


for next week — first 130 pages (through ch 5) of Brown Girl in the Ring

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