journal 3

After reading some chapters of the novel do androids dream of electric sheep is about In the future, San Francisco lies under a cloud of radioactive dust from the last world war. Animals have become very rare, and in the story everyone is dreaming to have a pet that is being in possession of one is showing your wealth and also caring and love. But Rick Deckard only has an electric sheep. He’s dreaming of buying a real one, but the prices is very expensive, and when he is offered to make a lot of money he can’t refuse. He’s working for the police; an android killer. His job is to kill androids that have escaped illegally from Mars. He is very well paid for this job, but it is not an easy job. This androids are Nexus 6, the new model. They look exactly like humans. His hunt will change him for ever. He’s going to be confronted to queries about what makes the difference between a human being and a machine. I found this story very interesting and I sometimes ask similar kind of question that was mentioned in the book.

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