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journal #5

Dawn¬† by Octavia E. Butler is a story about the Earth has been destroyed in a nuclear holocaust and a group of unconscious survivors have been taken by the alien that¬†they are¬†named ¬†Oankalis to the mother ship and placed in “sleeping” pods for some 250 years. One of the humans, Lilith Iyapo, is awakened after 250 years and slowly trained by the Oankali not to be afraid of their horrifying to humans appearance. She comes to an uneasy truce and trust in the Oankali’s explanation of where she is and her role. In this story Lilith lyapo have been thought many obstacles, believing and trust. ¬†How the story goes is very interesting to me that Humanity was saved from the war it waged on itself by an alien species. The alien thinks that letting humans alone is the same as allowing death. I think the theme love is all around not only exceeding in earth but in¬†other¬†planets/species.

journal #4

After reading the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick. I think that sometimes robot/machine are more moral and ethical than human beings. In the story where all the humans dream to have a real animal not just because they loves animal but to show their kindness and wealthiness. Robot sometimes have a cleaner mind than human beings, and for many times human do things for greedy reasons, so i disagree that robot are coldblooded.

journal 3

After reading some chapters of the novel do androids dream of electric sheep is about¬†In the future, San Francisco lies under a cloud of radioactive dust from the last world war. Animals have become very rare, and in the story everyone is dreaming to have a pet that is being in possession of one is showing your wealth and also caring and love. But Rick Deckard only has an electric sheep. He’s dreaming of buying a real one, but the prices is very expensive, and when he is offered to make a lot of money he can’t refuse. He’s working for the police; an android killer. His job is to kill androids that have escaped illegally from Mars. He is very well paid for this job, but it is not an easy job. This androids are Nexus 6, the new model. They look exactly like humans. His hunt will change him for ever. He’s going to be confronted to queries about what makes the difference between a human being and a machine. I found this story very interesting and I sometimes ask similar kind of question that was mentioned in the book.

journal #2

After reading this story the Cave of Steel I found the three Laws of robotics that Asimov created as he write throughout the story were very interesting.¬†I like the series when ¬†Baley asks.¬†“Why can’t a robot be built without the First Law?” ¬†“What’s so sacred about it?”. the first law is that the¬†robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm,and¬†¬†Dr. Gerrigel explains the several reasons why this would be extremely difficult and unlikely. I been always thinking what will happen if alien really exceed in this world and if is possible can robot do all the work/homework for me but after reading this I think in a different perspective that if we have robot will they turn out in a way that we unexpected which mean they can be smarter than human and will harm us in different ways. i’m still curious/imagine what will happen differently if they invented the robot without the first law of robotic and will the robot take over all human space or maybe even eat the humans?

journal #1

In some ways, the world according to the story Caves of Steel are different from the world we live in today. The major differences are the cities, buildings, and methods of transportation. In the novel¬†every city is enclosed under a huge metal dome and they fear to go outside and we live in a open space area with different kind and shape of housing, also with fresh air and sun. For transportation in every city has a complex series of moving sidewalks that people use to navigate their way throughout the city and they also use spaceships to travel from city to city, the world we live in today are kind of¬†similar¬†to what Asimov described but we have cars,¬†trains, buses, boats and¬†airplanes¬†but not spaceships.¬†Nowadays¬†as technology is improving and we¬†are the one who discovered and control over technology¬†and gets the benefits from it¬†which make our life easier but in the story those ‚Äúearthmen‚ÄĚ are fear of those¬†robot/machines that one day they will replace their place in life and work or to take over their space.