Okay, get ready for tough language, but this is important: I have zero-tolerance for Plagiarism. I feel this way, not only as a teacher, but because I have earned my living as a professional writer for over 25 years. Would you like someone stealing your property? When you plagiarize, you steal somebody else’s intellectual property. Saying you “don’t know how it happened” doesn’t matter. It’s still a crime.

Professor Schmerler’s Personal Plagiarism Statement:

You will get an “F” on the assignment in which you plagiarized. This is my gift to you. It sends you a message that your plagiarism has been noted, and that I am allowing you to continue as my student. If your plagiarism is severe, or you plagiarize a second time, I will not only give you an “F” on the assignment in question, but I will file an official report. This report will go on your record, and could eventually result in your expulsion from college. You also risk getting an “F” in the class for the entire semester.

Ignorance of what constitutes plagiarism does not excuse you from sanction. Essays.com, Bartleby.com, Cliff Notes and similar sites and services can never be appropriated, in whole or in part, in any assignment. And yes, “patchwriting” is also plagiarism. Rest assured that I will use a plagiarism checker (software) to root out copied material.

Confused?: You will find this information from the Library helpful if you don’t know what Plagiarism is, period.

Everyone should at least skim through The Official CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity:


It will tell you more about how I am required to report you for committing an act of plagiarism, and the severity of the consequences. Again, an “F” on the assignment in question is a MILD sanction, and will not be the only punishment, should you persist.