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My Exit Survey by Prof. S.


One more closeup, please

You will be getting a survey from the school. It will come from “SPSSurveys” and will probably have “Student Evaluation of Teaching” in the subject line. Please fill that out for our class by Dec. 17! The school needs those! That said, I, personally, have one more thing for you to address: my own survey. The link is below. Please click on it, and thanks! -Prof. S.



You can still claim a “W” for classes until Dec 13. Don’t wait!

Did you fall waaaay behind? I suggest every student take an honest look at what they did — and did not — do this semester. I am currently attending a Zoom meeting, and the Dean is telling faculty that Dec 13 is the last day for claiming a “W.”

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I suggest that you come see me during our special drop-in Office Hours (regular class time on Monday, Dec 13) if you are struggling. Check in. Tell me if you fell behind and plan to take this option. I’d appreciate the head’s up, and maybe I can help.

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