The solution to loneliness has direction correlation to the societal settings of the industrialized worlds. The practice of nuclear family sets closely related families together. In African societies, brothers and brothers’ wives live together and are considered closely related families, but this is not the case advanced world.


Hashir Qureshi Ricardo Sandy Presentations

Hashir Qureshi

This seems like an interesting type of machine learning, as the computer is taking the words of the writer and generates words that start to make sense, such that it simply imitates other authors. however, the drawback that he discussed makes even more sense. Writing is something that you can put your words in your own creative way. there is no one else who can really replicate it. and if novelists begin to use this type of machine learning, wouldn’t the works be rather bland? and even if the works aren’t, wouldn’t these novelist slowly lose the ability to have their own creative thoughts and write them down?

Ricardo Sandy

this seems like a problem, since People that protest in LIC are protesting against Amazon to not build their HQ2 here. the people there realize that Amazon will not hire the people who live there and rather bring other people into these communities.