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Jashwa and Alysha project


Honestly, this seems a bit worrying that people can actually use technology as a form a torture. Since technology is a growing dynamic and most people still don’t know how it works. Every time people think they got the hang of using a piece of technology, there is a newer, “easier version that functions different, so people would tend to give up to learn these devices. Let us say someone is babysitting and the parents of the baby uses wireless technology, and the babysitter doesn’t know how to use it. What would happen if someone is messing with the house and the babysitter can’t control the technology and is constantly tortured?


Do you think that using wireless charging could ever replace wired charging?

In modern times, people are now shifting to a wireless world, a world without any tedious wires to get in the way. Plus, there are other people who break their charging ports and need a new way to charge their phone.


I don’t think suspending a kid that stated he wanted to die is the answer. I believe automatic counseling and a intervention is a better answer. Being expelled might scare other students or coming out for help.

Joshua : Great information, this presentation makes me want to start a new application to make 1 Billion dollars. 🙂