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Hashir Qureshi Ricardo Sandy Presentations

Hashir Qureshi

This seems like an interesting type of machine learning, as the computer is taking the words of the writer and generates words that start to make sense, such that it simply imitates other authors. however, the drawback that he discussed makes even more sense. Writing is something that you can put your words in your own creative way. there is no one else who can really replicate it. and if novelists begin to use this type of machine learning, wouldn’t the works be rather bland? and even if the works aren’t, wouldn’t these novelist slowly lose the ability to have their own creative thoughts and write them down?

Ricardo Sandy

this seems like a problem, since People that protest in LIC are protesting against Amazon to not build their HQ2 here. the people there realize that Amazon will not hire the people who live there and rather bring other people into these communities.

Abu Fofana Modou Mbaye


I believe that the reason why poorer communities are raised by screens while the upper class communities are raised by social interaction is because there are parents who just give children a screen just to make them be quiet. They are usually busy with work so much that the child is refused social interaction from the parent and thus resorts to screens as a gratification of sorts.

yes while there are some good influences, like how technologies equips the children for the future, there are also some drawbacks , such as basically relying on the internet for answers or for help rather than just reading a book based on that particular subject. Also, children just rely on  a summary of the subject, rather than just going in depth. they just quickly scan the subject rather than to fully understand it.


it is scary to think that the US is trying to find a loophole for these cluster munitions in order to provide more defense. Plus, with the failure rate of how cluster munitions are built with, it just makes these weapons more unreliable.

Basically, the way that the US handles these weapons is strictly irresponsible of them due to the fact that other human lives are in danger from these cluster munitions and the USA cares very little in disarming them.




Jashwa and Alysha project


Honestly, this seems a bit worrying that people can actually use technology as a form a torture. Since technology is a growing dynamic and most people still don’t know how it works. Every time people think they got the hang of using a piece of technology, there is a newer, “easier version that functions different, so people would tend to give up to learn these devices. Let us say someone is babysitting and the parents of the baby uses wireless technology, and the babysitter doesn’t know how to use it. What would happen if someone is messing with the house and the babysitter can’t control the technology and is constantly tortured?


Do you think that using wireless charging could ever replace wired charging?

In modern times, people are now shifting to a wireless world, a world without any tedious wires to get in the way. Plus, there are other people who break their charging ports and need a new way to charge their phone.

Christopher and Joshua questions and notes October 4, 2018


Unless they sign a contract agreeing that they would like the school to monitor their actions, this would seem like an invasion of privacy to me.

I wonder if the system could monitor people who are in need?

How would this work in terms of “double accounts”, or accounts that are used in secret other than the primary account that they signed up for?


Zuckerberg needs to be responsible for the problems that are happening because the founder of WhatsApp and Instagram has left Facebook

Ever since the Facebook controversy, Zuckerberg hasn’t really been the most trustworthy person, but he’s claimed to be more responsible during election times, even though its not really a start

Zuckerberg has been “stealing” Snapchat’s Stories and frankly, that just seems greedy and lazy and soon enough, thongs will fall on him