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The solution to loneliness has direction correlation to the societal settings of the industrialized worlds. The practice of nuclear family sets closely related families together. In African societies, brothers and brothers’ wives live together and are considered closely related families, but this is not the case advanced world.



How Alibaba group outnumbered human in reading text?

I’m quite not in agreement with computer doing work for human. Instead it’s the other way around. Whatever a computer does its preprogrammed to do it. You can see in essence human beings are better in doing things. We can modify our behavior in realtime without fore knowledge of future happenings, computers must be programmed to behave the same way but only after an event.



  • How would families ban internet devices from homes when main stream media entirely relaying via internet? That’s like denying yourself from what you direly need. Something very hard to do?
  • It’s evident that technological advancement made people smarter especially  children but it equally make them lazy as there are so many shortcuts and information is almost readily available when they need it. So they are kind of literally doing very little in accomplishing any task. In essence, almost no work now is original. They are always extracts of someone’s work.