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Abu and Modou’s Presentation


Great presentation !
I agree that technology will equip students with skills in the future. However, this will be a good and bad thing. As well as the younger the students are they’re more inclined to use technology in the future. Also, I work in a public school and I’ve noticed that they use iPads, computers and laptops to take reading and math exams. Some of the students are in Pre-K and don’t know how to work a computer and this is where I come in to assist them.


The weapons are still being used irresponsibly. The land mines is a scary thing because you never know when you’re going to find one and if it’s going to explode or not explode. It’s killing innocent people.

Joshua and Christopher Presentations (questions and notes) 10/4/2018

Christopher’s Presentation:



Student was expelled for posting a post on twitter saying that he wanted to die ( why was he expelled for posting that, why didn’t he receive help ?)

I believe monitoring students on social media would be much more efficient because this will definitely prevent school shootings and certain situations that involves criminal activity, bullying etc.


Joshua’s Presentation:


A lot of these companies are always bandwagoning off of another to keep their company alive.

I definitely heard about this on the news and I had a feeling it was because the discrepancy that happened on facebook.

“Zuckerberg saw how powerful Instagram would be” what this quote means to me is that Zuckerberg saw that this would be another way to track people and see where their located. Also, keeping track of how many photos people are posting and how much time they are spending on social media.