Beloved: what lies ahead

this art work shows one of the moments in Beloved by Toni Morrison that if it would not have happened it would change the story’s outcome dramatically. the moment depicted in the drawing is when Sethe, Denver and Paul D return from a good day at the carnival. Denver had begun to accept Paul D more or less and Paul D had a sense of family together. this could be a start of a new life, he had banished the baby ghost from the house, denver had begun to accept him and he had promise of a steady job. they were walking together as depicted in the drawing and their shadows are holding hands symbolizing a start of a family bond or unity, but that all changed when they saw Beloved on the side of the road near the stump. I chose to do a drawing because i like to do things visually. i am a visual learner and i am a graphic designer. i wanted to visualize and make into a illustration of what i was reading and how i was picturing it. what was going through my mind and how i was visualizing it as i was reading beloved.

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