“It’s not evil, just sad”

This semester, as a class, we read Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Beloved has so many great moments and statements that could make a person think really hard about what was said and themselves. The quote that made me feel a sense of “wow” was, “It’s not evil, just sad”, which was said by Sethe. She was telling Paul D that the presence of the house was not of anything evil, just full of sadness. I drew this picture because just like my quote, this picture has a lot of mystery to it. In my picture I wanted to depict the idea of the house not knowing whether it wants to be evil or sad. The idea that Sethe thought she could identify what emotion or feeling the house was carrying was a little unjust to me. Only the house can determine what it wants to feel. When I first read this quote in Beloved I too asked these questions about the house or the presence of the house. Even as the story went on and answered these questions, it only added to my interest of this statement made by Sethe. At times the house would seem sad to Sethe because she didn’t want to see her baby’s spirit in a bad way and she knew why the baby’s spirit would be sad. On the other hand if we look at the way the house treated people it was of an evil essence. I used the colors of red and black with the inspiration of the movie Beloved, when Paul D first entered the house it turned red and looking deeper it was black. Black can signify sadness, just like when people go to funerals they wear black, or when someone is filled with sorrow they sit in darkness.  Red and black are typical colors of evil and sadness. I wrote the numbers 1, 2, and 4 backwards on the house to depict how unorthodox the house seemed to me.

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