Portfolio & Reflection

Final Portfolio

I have had challenges in learning English and being able to read and write it with minimal areas. The first unit played a significant role in making this dream a success. I learned many things about grammar, including tenses and new alphabets. I must admit that I have become better in my reading and writing to this point. To perfect some of the things taught in the first unit, I took time to go through the notes and assignments. Practicing to perfect my reading was a daily dose for me. Some of the students who were practicing the language were a great motivation. We would try to rehearse together and advise each other on how to become better. Linking up with other international students even made the race a bit easier.

As a reader, I have learned English alphabets and the required pronunciation for various English words. There were tough times trying to learn a new language and starting from scratch with my peers finding it awkward. ‘I had to start with the basics such as the alphabet, which made me feel stupid.’ Some of the other problems included low self-esteem, poor vocabulary, and grammar issues in both reading and writing. All these factors had a considerable effect, especially since it was the beginning of learning new knowledge. With time, I found most of the topics and many aspects of the language quite interesting. The desire to prove other individuals in the class wrong also came as a driving force. I found it interesting to read grammar books consistently and newspapers, blogs, and English movies. I mainly found my change in perspective and acknowledging the voice needed in English as a significant step in helping deal with a direct translation. From what I have learned in the unit, I would use the knowledge to advise and help non-English speakers and other international students in their journey to become proficient English readers and writers. Guiding them on the need to read more English materials to boost their vocabulary and eliminate grammar mistakes will make me insist on the most. I would also use the knowledge in other units in college to become more proficient in descriptions and writing more fine papers that will give me good grades. It will also help boost confidence in public speaking as I will have more trust in what I know in the language.

The second unit looked at the various impacts education has on children’s curiosity. To revise the topic, I took time to analyze all of the articles and books used in the unit, including downloading and reading the full texts. I then looked at the notes, lectures, and discussions to ensure I could bring out the relation of the various sources with the unit’s contents.

I learned that many adults do not appreciate the curiosity in children and see it as a source of nuisance and naughty behavior. That is contrary to the fact that curiosity could lead to children accessing more knowledge and learning from their seniors and the environment. I further learned that education has a significant effect on the levels of curiosity. As a reader and a writer, I learned of interest as a step to explore and harnessing knowledge. ‘…therefore, when one is curious about something, they are motivated to explore and settle their curiosity”. I appreciated the role of curiosity in enhancing the need for research and innovation by using ideas and knowledge collected. As a scholar, I was particularly interested in learning that curiosity is historical and dates back to the age of philosophers and religious leaders. I was keen and got to know the different perspectives these groups had on curiosity and the research conducted due to curiosity. I understood that more curious children learned quicker from school experiences with children and explored most concepts making them outsmart the rest. As a scholar, I learned the need for curiosity to conduct research. I intend to use the knowledge to boost my curiosity to improve my exploration skills and feel more motivated to execute most college tasks that require investigation. I further learned of the problem most curriculums have that fails to support curiosity in children. I found it hard to understand why this would be so and saw the need for changes in most school curriculums to make children more curious and enhance research in the institutions. I would help advise and develop a curriculum that will allow children to be frank and ask questions to improve their learning experiences.

For the third unit recently studied, I look forward to looking into different education systems and find ways on how best they can be improved to acknowledge the need for curiosity in children. I will also seek to find some articles and opinions of different scholars on how the issue can be solved and whether education fully uses curiosity in education. Further, I strive to consult with fellow students and lecturers on the topic and find suggestions on the references to use in ensuring that I come up with a plan and have all the information needed as far as the issue is concerned. I found it interesting to explore the many school systems and how they fail to uphold curiosity. I was also impressed with discovering the tremendous role teachers are accorded in the whole exercise and the necessary steps they are to take.

This unit helped me understand the need to tackle children’s curiosity in the present for a better future. Measuring grades with performance in class is one aspect I learned has a significant impact on making the whole system fail to appreciate curiosity. I learned of the different advantages of children learning out of curiosity and the positive effect on their adulthood. School teachers should realize the enormous role they have to play in changing the education systems to encourage curiosity. ‘The main audience of the project is the different school teachers who happen to be the main stakeholders in the encouraging or shuttering of the curiosity of the different students.’ I will dig into various newspapers and articles that tackle the same to understand the issue better and evaluate any possible recommendations to tackle the issue. Some of the potential problems in the whole process include finding past newspapers and accessing most articles to get those containing information needed to develop a perfect workable plan.

Unit 3 Weekly Assignments

Artist’s Statement (Final Draft)


The future generations are comprised of the children of today; hence they become the greatest determinants of how the future will look like. Parents play a great role in the development of their children, including molding their future. Even though, teachers play a greater role in the lives of the children more than parents. The main reason for the situation is because children spend most of their time growing up in schools more than at home. In most cases, the teachers who create immense impact in the lives of the children are those that encouraged them and showed them the correct way to handle life situations. On the other hand, teachers who kept on discouraging them and mocking their weaknesses also impact their lives, but in this case, it is a negative impact. The education system measures success by the grades the children acquire, and the teacher’s performance, on the other hand, has its measure as the content in which the children have in their minds at the end of different sessions. Performance in both the level of the teacher and the student has its measurement technique as the tests in which the students participate at the end of a specific period. Curiosity is also essential in the lives of children in different ways. There is a great connection between curiosity and exploration. If it were not for curiosity, many of the modern-day innovations could not exist. Normally children learn faster than adults. It insinuates that if children have ample time to satisfy their curiosity, they will have better life results than adults. When children learn various things from the satisfaction of their curiosity, they would often remember the concept for a long time. In most cases, people do not satisfy their curiosity as older adults often shut them up and assume that the children’s curiosity will bring negative repercussions. Children should have the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity at different levels to get answers to different useful things.

Artist’s Statement

I have read different articles that discuss how children use various techniques to ensure that they acquire the knowledge they need with ease. The most striking article I came across discussed how a particular kindergarten school was engaging children in arts, games, and crafts before interacting with the real curriculum of normal subjects like Science and Mathematics. According to the article, the program’s main aim is to ensure that the children explore themselves to find what excites them more than the rest. Looking back at my life, I wished to have gone through a similar curriculum, and I would not have some regrets that I have in my life. I feel like the curriculum would minimize the time that I wasted fumbling with various facts trying to get ideas on what path I want to pursue in life. Growing up, I had so much curiosity, and I feel as if I did not satisfy it enough. In this case, I wanted to interact with the other form of reality on how life would turn out when my curiosity would get the satisfaction it needed.

The main audience of the project is the different school teachers who happen to be the main stakeholders in the encouraging or shuttering of the curiosity of the different students. The main avenue will be through school magazines, where most teachers get their information on what is happening in the school curriculum. Teachers are also people who enjoy reading, and an article would work well as reflective reading is what most teachers value. It is the hobby of many teachers to read and critique various texts as most of them encourage their students to read, and they want to set a good example for them to follow. Pathos will be an appropriate platform for passing the information as teachers are mostly emotional, especially about their work. Logos will also be instrumental in giving the evidence of the proposal and how effective the article is in the educational curriculum. Ethos will also be effective to show the credibility of the points that I will put across in the article.

Numerous articles and newspapers have tackled the situation differently and will be instrumental in my project. I plan to search for all the articles that discuss the faultiness of the current curriculum and those that give appropriate solutions concerning fulfilling the children’s curiosity. Most articles agree with allowing children to explore their life options by fulfilling their curiosity. There is also an emphasis on strict supervision of the children when they are engaging in activities of curiosity exploration. Initially, I thought that short stories would be instrumental in my project, but I realized that I would not cover as much content as possible. I also realized that my target audience is teachers who do not cherish short stories like children. The implementation of the project makes me proud, and I am happy that I am impacting society in different ways.

Unit 3 Weekly Assignments

Artist’s Statement (Draft)

I came across an article about different approaches that should be taken when teaching children since individual talents, strengths and weaknesses start to showcase at that level.  I discovered that in some elementary schools, the children are allowed to explore the world through games and crafts before they start learning the regular curriculum that entails science and mathematics. I did not get such a privilege in my Kindergarten or elementary school. I felt like if my teachers would have encouraged my curiosity then I would found my path in life early in life. Thus, I thought I should indulge into the subject of how education impacts the curiosity of children. The information of the project is intended for teachers especially those in public institutions. The piece is appropriate for school magazines since the teachers will have an easy access to them. In my writing, I focused on logos and pathos to create an appeal for my argument. I chose the article genre because it is more direct for a mature audience. Teachers are accustomed to reading papers and critiquing them. Thus, reading an article would not be a problem for them.

When doing the project, I looked into articles and research papers gave information about my topic. Most of them concurred with the idea of allowing children to explore their curiosity provided there is supervision. I had considered using short stories as my genre but I changed it to an article since my audience was the teachers and not children or students. With the completion of the project, I am proud of the work. Given the chance, I would explore this topic further and writer a longer article that tackles all the faucets of the subject.