Unit 3 Weekly Assignments

Artist’s Statement (Draft)

I came across an article about different approaches that should be taken when teaching children since individual talents, strengths and weaknesses start to showcase at that level.  I discovered that in some elementary schools, the children are allowed to explore the world through games and crafts before they start learning the regular curriculum that entails science and mathematics. I did not get such a privilege in my Kindergarten or elementary school. I felt like if my teachers would have encouraged my curiosity then I would found my path in life early in life. Thus, I thought I should indulge into the subject of how education impacts the curiosity of children. The information of the project is intended for teachers especially those in public institutions. The piece is appropriate for school magazines since the teachers will have an easy access to them. In my writing, I focused on logos and pathos to create an appeal for my argument. I chose the article genre because it is more direct for a mature audience. Teachers are accustomed to reading papers and critiquing them. Thus, reading an article would not be a problem for them.

When doing the project, I looked into articles and research papers gave information about my topic. Most of them concurred with the idea of allowing children to explore their curiosity provided there is supervision. I had considered using short stories as my genre but I changed it to an article since my audience was the teachers and not children or students. With the completion of the project, I am proud of the work. Given the chance, I would explore this topic further and writer a longer article that tackles all the faucets of the subject.

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