Unit 2 Weekly Assignments

“Liking is for Cowards Go for what Hurts”

In the Article by Jonathan Franzen he explains his opinion on the difference between being liked and being loved. He mentions most people fake their personality, or in his words “manipulate” people into liking themselves. I think he nails it when he says this, most people nowadays, especially Generation Z would do anything to be “liked” I see it everywhere, and its sad that we live in a world that to be “cool” you need hundreds of likes on Instagram, or show up to school with a Gucci belt or a Louis Vuitton bag. Which I don’t think is wrong, but is it necessary? And are you wearing it for yourself, or to impress others? Most people spend so much money on things to impress people that they don’t even like, just to keep up with this fake persona and remain “liked.” Franzen then goes on to mention that once this façade is over you’ll see yourself being someone your not which I agree with completely.

I believe that my relationship with my smartphone is not concerning, because I was never into social media. In fact I delete my Instagram and snapchat from time to time for about a week and live my life without it, and I honestly find my self happier. Most of my friends and family make fun of me and say I am the least tech savvy Gen Z kid they know.  I think its sad people spend most their time on social media, and wasting the day, when they can be doing something productive, or even having fun and living their life. But if you look at the bigger picture I think we are all becoming zombies to these big corporations such as Instagram and Facebook, and I think this nation as a whole needs a break from social media, so everyone can diminish these fake personality’s, and be themselves.

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