Unit 2

Liking is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts

In this article, the writer Jonathan Franzen refers to how most of us have an infatuation with our smart devices.  He points out how we as consumers develop a fake concept of love with technology.   However, once a new model appears on the market, our so-called love for our current device starts to fad away, and we become more intrigued with the new level of technology.   He also points out how social media became the new method of liking something.  Their no effort or serious thought in this process of liking, we click a button, and the liking process of liking is completed.     Franzen explains that with the advancement of technology and the fake image of social media, we lost our way of connecting to real people.  We lack real love because we display no empathy or genuine emotion.  I agreed with Franzen’s concept of like vs. love.

When it comes to my smart devices or technology, I do not have a significant concern.  I do not feel an emotional connection to my smartphone or any other devices.   I think the current condition of the world today has exposed to me what important.  This current pandemic has made reevaluate what important and smart devices and technology was not on the top of the list; however, the family was.  I’m not going to say technology and smart devices are not necessary for daily life or activities. However, during the pandemic, out of all the capabilities a smartphone has, I just needed the essential feature to make a basic phone call to my loved ones.

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