Unit 1

Week 4 – My history with education

The first thing that jump to mind when I am thinking of education is the diversity and language differentials as I have never really given much thought of what memories has impacted “my relationship to education”. I have studied in 5 different countries who mostly spoke different languages and had different regulations, celebrations and ways of learning , but when I think of my history of education ,the “anecdotes” that comes up are mostly the ones from my time in the UK as this where I studied half of high school and college which is still high school in the US , this where I built friendships that till this day still going on and had the best and funniest moment , the difference with our stage of high school which we call secondary school and between what we call “college” was that in high schools we had to wear uniforms ,there was no phone allowed ,we couldn’t get out for lunch and we had classes all day which I wasn’t very fond of however in college you were allowed phones, you could wear your own clothes  and not only could  you could leave anytime but we had less classes is kinda like colleges here only that that’s what we call university.

I would say some good moments I remember was mostly at lunch time and  my travel & tourism class as in our class most us of got along even with the teachers so it always banter. I’ve always been the student that does her work first then mess around as I dislike being behind or failing and catching up simply stresses me out. I enjoyed lunch time and after school there always something entertaining going on and during Ramadan when we was fastin we would go chill in the class during lunch time play music and cards and also remember the times when our teachers knew the deadline is coming up so she would tell me and my friends to stay after school help us with the whole thing to get the best grade because she saw potential in us or whatever that means .

Overall now that I’ve thought about it I don’t dislike education ,I feel like difference  experiences changes your opinion on it as like in secondary school I kinda felt like it was draining but when I went to college I actually like getting my work done and studying or maybe it was also because I chose the subject and the environment was better.

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