Backpack & briefcases – Mother tongue

Some genres that I feel I know are movies and series as this is something I often watch, I enjoy watching series not only  are they entertaining but it also brings you into this world of reality and fiction where your only focus is the situation which the characters are in.  One thing they often do is build an emotional connection between the audience and characters , I believe that they often use the main character to do this as much as scenes that brings out sympathy or emotional response from the audience. They also use persuading methods by using scenes that create suspension this builds up the audience curiosity and willingness of  wanting to keep watching  and even believe than there’s more than there is by ending of series episode in cliff hanger or using interesting yet not the most interesting scenes in  trailers movies which is what makes people want to watch the movies .

Movies within themselves have different genres from comedy to horror to action etc when I choose what type of movie to watch, I am already engage in it as this what I wanted to watch and it often depends on my mood, the main genre of the movies affect from the languages they use to the techniques and characters to the ages etc.

I believe Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue” genre is  an autobiography as this something she herself wrote bout herself and her in depth experience with language and “different Englishes “ she uses as not only does she uses simpler words but also changes her tone to make it more understandable for her mother who speaks “broken English”.

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