Shitty First Drafts

My view on the writing process kind of changed when I read “Shitty First Drafts.” When answering last week’s questions I didn’t put writing drafts into consideration since I was never really a fan of doing drafts, had drafts not been a part of the high school grading policy I would have never put my time and energy into writing them. In Lamott’s writing, I learned that we both first create some sort of opinion or idea, and then we both know what to expect. Thanks to Lamott’s writing I now can understand the true importance of a draft. 

In LaMotts writing “Shitty First Drafts”  I learned a professional writer is not always ready the first time. I learned that she writes multiple drafts on consecutive days since she has a clearer mindset on a different given day. I feel as if this one great technique I can borrow since I like to do all my drafts in one day. I feel as if adding this technique will have a much greater impact on my writing because I will now be able to write with a better mindset as opposed to rushing everything. I now understand that taking my time into writing a draft is essential to make me a better writer.

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