Project 3


This project explored value and tonal progression. The first part of the assignment was to create four value scales using four different mediums. Pencil, magazine, paint, and pen which value was conveyed through texture. Each value scale had to include nine different tones. The second part of the assignment was to create a composition using value, tonal progression, layering, and transparency. The composition most show all nine values created in the value scale. The composition was to be re created four times, one medium per composition. The assignment allowed for the use of the design principles. When creating my composition i choose to go with a more simple approach as i learned from the first project, simple is better under these conditions. I kept in mind that transparency and layering were the two most important factors in the composition, but i did want to take the opportunity to explore multiple design principles. Since i went with a simple approach using the design principles was my selling point to pushing the success of my composition. The principles i choose were movement, repetition, spatial depth, transparency of course, layering, and visual hierarchy. It was a difficult progress. Each composition prove to show different levels of difficulty never the less I did enjoy so part of it. The pen and magazine prove to be interesting to me. Using texture to convey value isn’t ideal at least to my knowledge but it’s something i would like to explore further in the future. I was shocked to find out that two of my compositions made it to the school show. I felt a sense of accomplishment. What i took away from this project was the cohesion of design principles. Although it was a simple composition the amount of things going on all at once is amazing it’s something i hope to carry on to all my work in and out of school.

About Rafael Lopez

I live to create. My imagination takes me to different mindsets, to different universes, to different dimensions. I remain grounded in reality. A reality where I seek to break my limits through education. I am on the road to becoming a graphic designer. I'm looking to better my creative expression any chance i get. Gaining inspiration through everyday life. Through my experiences and the experiences of others. I hope to become a creative director in the comic book industry or any medium that allows me to tell a narrative of my own creation. I can also see myself in the advertisement industry. As I take this journey into the unknown one thing is for sure I will work hard to break the walls down of my limits
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