Epub project


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Type & Media COMD 1167

Type Media 1167

This was part of a project I had for Type& Media COMD 1167. It was an interactive magazine, an e-pub. I constructed this typographic image of a tattoo machine. It was my first time making an illustration out of type. I thought it turned out well. But i would like to push the concept further in the future.

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Cooper Hewitt

I am most interested in seeing¬†ENERGIZING THE EVERYDAY: GIFTS FROM THE¬†GEORGE R. KRAVIS II COLLECTION at Copper Hewitt. My interest stems from being a big television and radio buff as well and my fascination with history. It also seems like it will be showcasing tech and old machinery which reminds of robots the fantasy genre in particular. Its giving kinda a si fi feeling. Im getting excited as i’m starting to lost myself in thought.

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Companies in New York I would like to work for





I would like to work for staple because I’m into street wear. I saw a video on the founder of the company and I liked his story.

Ideo is a design firm that designs a wide range of products. In my type and media class we watched a video on the company and it seems like a great place to work. Their creative process in particular draws me in.

I would like to work at red rocket tattoo particularly to work with Adam Guy Hay. I really like his style of tattooing.

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Dream Job


These are four companies I would love to work for. The WWE because I will always have a place in my heart for pro wrestling it was such a big part of my childhood. Adidas because I’m a sneaker head and I like the fact that they do collaborations with musicians. I enjoy comic books every aspect of it and I have two great original stories in me on that would fit it the Marvel universe. I was a big fan of Kick ass and I would love to work with Mark Millar on a project. I love the DC universe their intergalactic stories i’m such a fan of. I grew watching Batman and Robin with Adam West and the animated series on fox after school. I even have tattoos dedicated to batman and robin and honestly if i could be a superhero it would be robin





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Open Lab


I attend the Open Lab seminar that was held on May 5th. The key thing I learned was organization. Although my e portfolio isn’t very organize its by the design. At the seminar the instructors stated that the format I had for this class makes sense due to ability to show procession easily. But in the future I must organize my e portfolio especially if I plan to use it to show case my work for potential employers. As long as I remember my password and user name I can use this e portfolio for as long as I like. Being that this uses word press i can also transfer the content of this page to another. I learned something about google searches as it pertains to being searched. So if I remain active on this page when searched say by a potential employers this would be one of if not the first hit. Its very important for me especially because I have such a common name. Unfortunately I don’t have much to post on the subject due to not learning as much as I expected. I was the only person who showed up and I think that threw off the instructors not only that but they didn’t seem to want to be there. Although it was more personal it didn’t help much because they asked me what i wanted to know and i could only ask so much not knowing the questions that i should possibly ask since i’m not familiar with open lab and only use it ever so offend for this class. None of my current class use open lab. They do have office hours so if anything does pop up they are available. So all hope is not lost so to speak

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Meet the pros


Dustin Cohen is a photographer and ¬†film marker. Dustin came to New York in the mid 2000s possible in the early 2000s from the west coast i believe from santa barbara. Dustin started as an intern at Rolling Stone magazine. After working many hours for little to no pay Dustin set out on his own as a freelancer. Dustin worked long hours building his portfolio and clientele. Dustin worked all day as a photographer and all night as a bartender for many years. Dustin drive and ambition can not be denied. Dustin took extra classes after graduating college. He watched online tutorials. Dustin sought out his own subject matters by way of Myspace as a lot of his early work consisted of musicians. Dustin didn’t wait for opportunity he created it. Dustin has not only taken on photography but film making. Dustin has made a few short documentaries, with unconventional subject matters that have a heart warming effect to them. These personal projects have lead to Dustin building his clientele. Dustin has been asked to film some short documentaries for major companies. Pardon the brief bio as it might have some¬†minor discrepancy particular on Dustin arrival to the Big apple¬†as I am writing this post a week or two after I attended the seminar. City tech professor Eli Neugeboren can confirm my attendance. Never the less what I took from it was always keep working create as much as you can. Don’t wait for opportunity. Be fearless. Dustin spoke about trying to get his foot in the door. He would email companies or people who he admired and wanted to learn from for a chance to work for them in exchange to be taught by them. He did state that it didn’t work offend due to not picking his words wisely and not having the know how. But offering janitorial services or getting coffee can go a long way. I admire his passion. He made mentioned to the long slow grind not wanting to get out of bed at times but that the hustle got him over the hump. Those words put things in perspective for me. The long road I have ahead of me the struggle i will go through the grind i have to stay on. At the moment the struggle and grind are present in my life as it is but that passion, drive, and hustle will get me over. Don’t wait for it to happen make it happen. Always create. Always learn never stop learning, even if you have to teach yourself.

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Project 3


This project explored value and tonal progression. The first part of the assignment was to create four value scales using four different mediums. Pencil,¬†magazine, paint, and pen which value was conveyed through texture. Each value scale had to include nine different tones. The second part of the assignment was to create a composition using value, tonal progression, layering, and transparency. The composition most show all nine values created in the value scale. The composition was to be re created four times, one medium per composition. The assignment allowed for the use of the design principles. When creating my composition i choose to go with a more simple approach as i learned from the first project, simple is better under these conditions. I kept in mind that transparency and layering were the two most important factors in the composition, but i did want to take the opportunity to explore multiple design principles. Since i went with a simple approach using the design principles was my selling point to pushing the success of my composition. The principles i choose were movement, repetition, spatial depth, transparency of course, layering, and visual hierarchy. It was a difficult progress. Each composition prove to show different levels of difficulty never the less I did enjoy so part of it. The pen and magazine prove to be interesting to me. Using texture to convey value isn’t ideal at least to my knowledge but it’s something i would like to explore further in the future. I was shocked to find out that two of my compositions made it to the school show. I felt a sense of accomplishment. What i took away from this project was the cohesion of design principles. Although it was a simple composition the amount of things going on all at once is amazing it’s something i hope to carry on to all my work in and out of school.

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Project 1


Our first project had us explore the figure ground relationship. Creating two compositions which consist of two example that utilize the figure ground relationship. Once the example were created a pattern. Creating a pattern open the opportunity to explore a number of the design principles. Symmetry, Asymmetry, Rhythm, and of course contrast.¬†It prove to be a difficult assignment for me personally due to my inexperience with the X-acto knife which was a pivotal component in the assignment. I experienced high levels of stress and frustration. I was unaware that every ruler isn’t the same and all paper isn’t cut exactly to it specified measurements. I learned that my attention to detail is a gift and a curse. Although I got a lot of practice by re measuring and re cutting it was very time consuming. My over all craftsmanship took a big hit due to time constraints. I was overly ambitious with my pattern with also caused an issue with my craftsmanship. But the silver lining is I learned that simple situation can solve complicated issues. Had I simplified my initial composition it could have lead to a smooth transition into the pattern proportion of the project. All negativity set aside this project gave me a better understanding to the figure ground relationship. I my future compositions I would like to explore the relationship between figure and ground more extensively perhaps flipping the two. Using the window approach to discovering different composition is one i would love to explore in a much bigger scale or perhaps making a game out of it. As i become overly ambitious again I will stop myself and say this project taught me about work flow, craftsmanship, figure ground, pattern, and most importantly it taught my about myself.

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The NewYork Times



Seven Ways of Seeing
Beauty in Design


This article explores a very interesting concept. Beauty through design. It goes about it by breaking down the way one can see beauty in design in 7 different categories.  Extravagant, Transgressive, Emergent, Transformative, Ethereal, Intric-ate, Elemental. What caught my attention was Lauren Bowker’s London-based practice, TheUnseen, is focused on responsive design. It was a piece of a leather jacket painted with ink that reacts to wind movement. The jacket is painted with bird wings. It quite amazing. The contrast and value used in the design displays the use of it extremely well.

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