Cooper Hewitt

I am most interested in seeingĀ ENERGIZING THE EVERYDAY: GIFTS FROM THEĀ GEORGE R. KRAVIS II COLLECTION at Copper Hewitt. My interest stems from being a big television and radio buff as well and my fascination with history. It also seems like it will be showcasing tech and old machinery which reminds of robots the fantasy genre in particular. Its giving kinda a si fi feeling. Im getting excited as i’m starting to lost myself in thought.

About Rafael Lopez

I live to create. My imagination takes me to different mindsets, to different universes, to different dimensions. I remain grounded in reality. A reality where I seek to break my limits through education. I am on the road to becoming a graphic designer. I'm looking to better my creative expression any chance i get. Gaining inspiration through everyday life. Through my experiences and the experiences of others. I hope to become a creative director in the comic book industry or any medium that allows me to tell a narrative of my own creation. I can also see myself in the advertisement industry. As I take this journey into the unknown one thing is for sure I will work hard to break the walls down of my limits
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