Project 1


Our first project had us explore the figure ground relationship. Creating two compositions which consist of two example that utilize the figure ground relationship. Once the example were created a pattern. Creating a pattern open the opportunity to explore a number of the design principles. Symmetry, Asymmetry, Rhythm, and of course contrast. It prove to be a difficult assignment for me personally due to my inexperience with the X-acto knife which was a pivotal component in the assignment. I experienced high levels of stress and frustration. I was unaware that every ruler isn’t the same and all paper isn’t cut exactly to it specified measurements. I learned that my attention to detail is a gift and a curse. Although I got a lot of practice by re measuring and re cutting it was very time consuming. My over all craftsmanship took a big hit due to time constraints. I was overly ambitious with my pattern with also caused an issue with my craftsmanship. But the silver lining is I learned that simple situation can solve complicated issues. Had I simplified my initial composition it could have lead to a smooth transition into the pattern proportion of the project. All negativity set aside this project gave me a better understanding to the figure ground relationship. I my future compositions I would like to explore the relationship between figure and ground more extensively perhaps flipping the two. Using the window approach to discovering different composition is one i would love to explore in a much bigger scale or perhaps making a game out of it. As i become overly ambitious again I will stop myself and say this project taught me about work flow, craftsmanship, figure ground, pattern, and most importantly it taught my about myself.

About Rafael Lopez

I live to create. My imagination takes me to different mindsets, to different universes, to different dimensions. I remain grounded in reality. A reality where I seek to break my limits through education. I am on the road to becoming a graphic designer. I'm looking to better my creative expression any chance i get. Gaining inspiration through everyday life. Through my experiences and the experiences of others. I hope to become a creative director in the comic book industry or any medium that allows me to tell a narrative of my own creation. I can also see myself in the advertisement industry. As I take this journey into the unknown one thing is for sure I will work hard to break the walls down of my limits
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